Client Feedback

I’m incredibly proud of the results I’ve achieved and relationships I’ve built with my clients. Below is just a small selection of testimonials I’ve received over the years. 

“From the first minute of my treatment with Anthony, his calm yet focused manner made me feel like I was in good hands – an impression strengthened by the efficacy of his methods in reducing my anxiety.”

Client: S

“Hypnotherapy gives you a new way to live your life. I listened to the recordings every day and I managed to free myself of the nightmare of anxiety and addiction to bad foods as a result of the work I did with Anthony.”

Client: A

“Anthony managed to remove a phobia that I’ve had since childhood and that used to embarrass me in social situations. I am so grateful for this and would recommend him to anyone.”

Client: P

“I recently had a session with Anthony to help me overcome my fears and anxiety with performance nerves. I was immediately struck with how calming Anthony’s sessions were and how his techniques worked.

My fears and anxieties stemmed from childhood and Anthony untangled a lot of things that were holding me back.”

Client: V

“At first I was dubious as I never really believed in hypnotherapy. After some time we were both in agreement he was going to work on a lifelong, some 28 years of nail biting. Can I just mention though, this wasn’t nail biting as a mediocre habit, I’m talking extreme biting that I couldn’t stop no matter what I tried, until they bleed, until they were that sore I couldn’t bend my fingers and even to the point I couldn’t hold anything in my hand. Nothing I had ever tried before could break the habit.  

This is where the magic comes in; I spent a couple of hours with Anthony, who was calm, welcoming, caring and professional at all times. He spoke about certain things and asked certain questions to really help me open up about subjects I never even thought were an issue. After ONE session and to this day I have never bitten them since. That’s the honest truth. We’ve had sessions since but from the very first session I honestly have never bitten them, not even tried to. A 28 year old habit gone in an hour or so. I even had to cut my finger nails for the very first time in my life and I’m feeling all the more better for it.”

Client: B

“Having sessions with Anthony for hypnotherapy and coaching sessions has been one of the most transformative and useful experiences of my life.

Suffering with anxiety for over 16 years, I am amazed at how much my sessions with Anthony have helped me feel less anxious with daily routines. I had not tried hypnotherapy before and I was not sure what to expect, and I am more than amazed at how effective the sessions have been.

Anthony is an extremely trustworthy person and I could not recommend him highly enough. I am grateful for all his help and will continue to see him.”

Client: H

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching in Woking for Health, Happiness and Success.

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